Let's celebrate all of the strong women in our lives. Happy International Women's Day!

Since March 8th was International Women’s Day, and the entire month of March is celebrated as Women’s History Month, we would like to highlight the women we work with around here on an everyday basis. So without further ado, meet the women of 80/20 Plants!

Mckenna Walker

Mckenna is the Operations Manager at 80/20 Plants. She’s from Cleveland, OH, and loves to play sand volleyball, travel anywhere and everywhere, walk long distances for a workout, and experiment with new plant-based recipes!


What drew you to 80/20 Plants?

I was drawn to 80/20 Plants because it takes away the extremeness of a plant-based lifestyle and really just tries to push you to what you are comfortable with. We want to reduce animal consumption but we also want it to be sustainable for each person (and fun!).

Favorite plant-based meal: 

Favorite AND go-to plant-based meal is a massaged kale salad with roasted chickpeas.

Fun fact about Mckenna: 
Vegetable puns are my most favorite thing in the world. I’m not broccoLYIN’!


Julia Murray

Julia is a guide, resident RHN and Olympian, content creator, and social media/community manager at 80/20 Plants. She’s from Whistler BC Canada, and enjoys skiing, mountain biking, running with her dog, cooking, camping, and really anything outside!


What drew you to 80/20 Plants?

My passion for eating plants, loving animals, appreciating the environment! After going plant-based 6 years ago, I gained so many benefits and felt more connected to where my food was coming from than ever before. I found a new fiery passion: to share this lifestyle realization with as many people as possible. Over two years ago, I started working with the team on the 80/20 Plants app. It has evolved so much, and I’m so excited for what it has become and the big plans we have for the future.

Favorite plant-based meal: 

Too hard!! Vegan sushi. Overnight oats. Tempeh stir-fry.

Fun fact about Julia: 
The last time I blew my knee was flying 150 feet off the last jump at X Games in my Ski Cross race. The MRI misread my injury, so I competed the next week and won a World Championship Silver medal with a blown ACL, MCL, and bone on bone cartilage damage! Going plant-based after my re-construction surgery helped minimize my inflammation drastically – to this day.


Esther Jaffa

Esther is the Customer Happiness Expert at 80/20 Plants. She’s originally from Memphis, Tennessee but currently lives in South Florida. She’s a swimmer, cyclist, runner, and avid veggie eater!


What drew you to 80/20 Plants?

I love sharing how a plant-based journey can change your life. It changed mine, in an incredible way and I want to help other experience the same thing I did.

Favorite plant-based meal: 

Thai food! I could eat Thai food every day and never grow tired of it. Or Brussel Sprouts. I love Brussels.

Fun fact about Esther: 
I’m obsessed with musicals! There is something about breaking into song and dance to express a thought – that wish we did more of in everyday life!


Ileana Garcia

Ileana is the Spanish Marketing Strategist at 80/20 Plants. She’s from Guadalajara México and enjoys running and spending time with family and friends.

What drew you to 80/20 Plants?

My love for a smart, healthy lifestyle.

Favorite plant-based meal: 

Smoothies and salads with a lot of ingredients, the bigger the better!

Fun fact about Ileana: 
I love to create new, healthy recipes that are full of colors! The fun thing about it is that they don’t always turn out in a delicious way.


Alyssa Hodenfield

Alyssa is the Marketing Manager at 80/20 Plants. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado. In her spare time, she enjoys doing anything active: Running, hiking, walking, HIIT workouts, you name it!

What drew you to 80/20 Plants?

I’ve always been interested in health and plant-based nutrition and am continually fascinated by how we eat affects us every single day. I also think finding a new way to eat can be super fun if you do it the right way, which is why I love 80/20 Plants’ step-by-step and community-driven philosophy!

Favorite plant-based meal: 

I love a good taco salad with seasoned black beans.

Fun fact about Alyssa: 
I have a scruffy little pup named Fiddler!


We want to know about the women in your lives! Send us a message, and share the strong women who inspire you.