Oil is packed full of calories with very little nutrient value, which is why we recommend limiting the amount of oil you consume. Thankfully, there are a number of tips that help you achieve the same results as cooking with oil.

Oil is the subject of much debate.

In one camp, you’ll find people praising oil for it’s antioxidant properties and fats, or because certain oils may be anti-inflammatory.

But in the other camp, there’s the concern that it’s not a whole food, and that oil is full of calories and void of nutrients.

With so many strong opinions, how should you approach oil, especially as it relates to weight management and longevity?

Our lead plant-based nutritionist, Julia Murray, addressed this question in a recent webinar.

Watch the full clip here:

In the video, Julia shares why oil should be consumed in moderation, along with specific problems associated with different types of oil.

But of course, we won’t leave you hanging…

Julia also shares a number of tips and tricks for cooking without oil and creating oil free salad dressings, and which oils are best when you do want to include some in your meal.