Drinking enough water is important, but can become an afterthought. Make sure you're staying hydrated!

We’ve all heard it: Make sure you drink eight cups of water each day to stay hydrated.

And, according to Mayo Clinic, that’s a good rule of thumb because it’s easy to remember. But like most things when it comes to your health, that magic number changes for every person.

We all live in different climates, participate in different activities, and just have different bodies with different needs.

For example, if you’re a marathon runner who lives in a particularly warm climate, you will likely need to drink more water than someone who is more sedentary or lives in a cooler place.

That being said, we have some tips and tricks to ensure you’re staying properly hydrated throughout the day.

Set a goal

You can’t reach a goal that doesn’t exist, right? You also won’t likely succeed if you set a goal that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. (That’s why the ‘eight cups rule’ doesn’t apply to everyone. Your goals should be personalized to you!)

So, if you’re only drinking 4 cups of water each day right now, maybe you make it your goal to drink 5 cups of water next week, then 6 cups of water the week after that. Make this target attainable! And don’t force yourself to drink more water than your body needs.

To make it even easier, you also don’t even need to put a number on this goal if you don’t want to. You could aim to drink three water bottles each day, take a sip of water every few minutes, or just be mindful to take a few swigs when you feel yourself getting thirsty! Set a goal that you’re excited about, and that you feel you can actually reach.

Find a favorite reusable water bottle

This one is fun because it gives you an excuse to treat yourself! Get yourself the finest-looking bottle, and carry it with you everywhere! (Yes, I mean everywhere.) If you have a bottle full of water in your hand, you’re more likely to take a quick sip than if you need to get up, fill a glass with water, and then drink it.

Set alarms or reminders

We all know it can be easy to lose track of time throughout the day. You get working at 9 a.m. and, the next time you look up, the clock says noon and you haven’t even thought about drinking water. So set periodical alarms on your phone that will remind you to take a drink of water. The timing is totally up to you (remember, everyone’s goals are different!) But the purpose of the alarm is to grab your attention for just enough time to get that swig of water.

Remix your H2O

I get it; plain old water can be boring. But it doesn’t have to be! Try adding fruits or fresh herbs to your water to give it a little extra taste. You’ll feel like you’re sipping on a fancy mocktail when you’re really just getting in those extra ounces of water! A few of my favorites are cucumber, lemon, lime, mint, fresh or frozen berries, or ginger root!

Eat foods with high water content

And lastly, there are ways to get more water throughout your day that don’t involve drinking it directly. Many fruits and vegetables actually contain a lot of water and can aid in keeping you hydrated. For example, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, watermelon, strawberries, and romaine lettuce are all more than 90% waterSo in addition to these foods being super healthy for you already, they also aid in hydration: A win for everyone!

What are some unique ways that you stay hydrated?