There are easy ways to eat more spinach without even knowing it!

This week we’re celebrating spinach! (Yes, I said celebrating. March 26 just happens to be National Spinach Day.)

And how does one celebrate spinach? By eating more of it! Here are a few ways to work more spinach into your meals.


This is an easy way to eat more of any food: blend it! I like to buy large bags of frozen spinach and put a bunch of it into my smoothies. You don’t even notice it’s there, and it eliminates the need to use ice: a win-win!

Sauce it up

Like with smoothies, spinach blends really well into just about any sauce you’re making. Add some spinach and other veggies in with your tomato sauce, and you have a beautiful, nutrient-dense pasta sauce. Voila!

Use it as a topping

Tossing some spinach on top of your pizza or sandwich is a great way to eat more of it. It’ll add some extra flavor, and you’ll be getting the nutrients you need.


Add a handful of spinach in a few minutes before your soup is finished cooking. Even if the recipe doesn’t call for spinach, the leaves will wilt and won’t change the soup’s flavor. You’ll just be eating more greens!

Mix up your salad

Perhaps I’ve saved the most obvious one for last: Salad. Most of us think of a big plate of greens when we think of eating spinach, and that can be really great! If you’re used to eating romaine lettuce in your salad, try replacing half of it with spinach. You’ll diversify your meal both in nutrients and in taste!

What are your favorite ways to eat more spinach?