We can all do our part to make the Earth a better and more sustainable place to thrive.

Happy Earth Day! This is one of our favorite celebrations here at 80/20 Plants, because we’re always striving to make the Earth a better and more sustainable place to thrive. Here are a few ways to celebrate our beautiful planet today:

Eat a Plant-Based Meal

You probably would have guessed this would be our top suggestion. Did you know that if everybody gave up animal products for just one day each week, we would cut back on thousands of tons of carbon emissions? We would also significantly reduce our water use. Need some ideas for plant-based meals? Check out some of our favorites in the app! 

Take a Shorter Shower

According to Boston University, the average shower uses about 5 gallons of water per minute. That means if you shave just a few minutes off of your shower time, you can save gallons of water!

Use Cloth Towels Instead of Paper

Think about how many napkins or paper towels you go through in a week. You could eliminate all of that waste just by replacing those paper products with reusable cloth towels! These ones are my favorite.

Get A Reusable Water Bottle

According to, people buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute, and less than a quarter of those plastic bottles are recycled within the U.S. You can do your part in reducing single-use plastics by getting a reusable water bottle.

Walk or Bike Instead of Driving

If you take a short drive to get your morning coffee or to run a few errands, try walking or biking instead! You’ll cut back on the emissions that would come from your vehicle, and you’ll get some extra exercise in: A win for everyone!

Start a Garden

We all know that plants ROCK. They naturally clean the air just by existing. So planting even a small garden or a few plants of your own is a great way to give back to the Earth. And if you live in an apartment or don’t have a ton of outdoor space, no worries! Check out our friends at Lettuce Grow to learn how you can grow your own produce using a farmstand.

Get Some Reusable Bags estimates that 4 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide annually, and Americans throw away 100 billion plastic bags annually. That comes out to roughly 307 bags per person. Eliminate your share of that waste by getting some reusable bags and bringing them with you every time you head to the grocery store.

Plant a Tree

Just like other plants, trees help the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. And you can even plant trees by logging your meals in the 80/20 Plants app! We’ll turn your points into money, and donate it to plant trees on your behalf.

Pick Up Trash

We all want to keep our communities clean, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to pick up trash. Bring a bag with you on your morning walk and grab anything you find. Many cities also have organized cleanups you can join!

Go Explore! Enjoy the Earth

And last but not least, go out and enjoy this beautiful planet we live on. Whether your preferred way of exploring is walking, biking, hiking, kayaking or anything in between, we encourage you to get out there and soak up the Earth’s awesomeness today.

How will you celebrate Earth Day this year?